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Chapter 11 Caught

  • "What are you doing?" Vic was astonished. He was not taking it how I thought he would and if I was being honest, I had no idea what I was doing either.
  • I had just kissed a stranger out of nowhere. I thought it wasn't my fault, and that it had to do with being trapped in here but I didn't want to stop now.
  • Men were weak, like I knew from experience.
  • Instead of responding to him, I landed another kiss on his lips and this time, he received it gladly. His body calmed and reacted to my demands.
  • I hugged him tighter and pressed my breasts against his chest in our seated position.
  • I needed this so bad. I loved my job because it satisfied my ever active sex drive and I felt deprived for the few days I had been inactive. Vic looked like he was the type of man that would be able to satisfy me.
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