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Chapter 99 Bluff

  • After Liu Zhenqiang finished speaking, he continued to smile apologetically; he thought that Fan Hunjun would be furious.
  • But to Liu Zhenqiang's surprise, Fan Hunjun was abnormally calm. He just flashed a faint smile, and then walked toward the ward.
  • Although Fang Youqin had advised him for a long time, and that his impression of Li Shanshan had fundamentally changed, he still could not help but be furious when he pushed the door open, even though he had mentally prepared himself beforehand.
  • Li Shanshan was sitting by the bed, feeding Zhang Junhao with spoonfuls of chicken soup. The two were talking and laughing, looking very much like a happy young couple.
  • At this moment, the reason why Fan Hunjun was angry was not because he thought that Li Shanshan was cheating on him, but because he felt that Zhang Junhao was toying with Li Shanshan. Since he had already slept with Fang Youqin, why did he still want to deceive Li Shanshan?
  • The moment he saw Fan Hunjun, Zhang Junhao seemed very calm, as if Li Shanshan was his rightful girlfriend. However, he did not know that Fang Youqin had told Fan Hunjun everything about him.
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