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Chapter 97 Reward

  • Fang Youqin's advice was detrimental to Li Shanshan, but to Fan Hunjun, it was invaluable advice.
  • Not only was Fan Hunjun enlightened, his outlook on life, as well as his values and considerations for the relationship between men and women, were changed as well.
  • Fan Hunjun had always been dense when it came to relationships. Of course, he had never cared whether or not the other party was a virgin. He had only thought of Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan in his heart.
  • For him, as long as he married any of them, he would have no more regrets in life.
  • However, the reality was very harsh. Fang Youqin was not a goddess, but a scum.
  • Although Li Shanshan was a modest woman, she wanted to stay chaste for Zhang Junhao.
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