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Chapter 84 Boss?

  • Yang Ting was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, she realized that Fan Hunjun could be the owner of the demolition household, or he could be the owner of the commercial housing. Either way, there was a big chance that he was looking for Duan Yunbo to deal with his trouble.
  • “Our chairman doesn’t come here very often. You can tell me your problem. I will help you out if I can. If it’s beyond my capability, I will pass the message to our chairman. Are you ok with that?”
  • After all, Yang Ting was older; she had enough life experience to handle the situation, unlike Wang Fei who constantly had her real feelings written all over her face. Her response was fairly appropriate; there wasn’t any problem in it.
  • Fan Hunjun smiled. “It’s ok. I will just give him a call.”
  • Fan Hunjun took out his phone and started dialing Duan Yunbo’s number. “Yunbo, where are you?”
  • Duan Yunbo answered with a chuckle when he saw the incoming call from Fan Hunjun, “Boss, I’m at River City!”
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