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Chapter 82 Couldn’t Reconcile

  • Fan Zhongzhen didn’t know anything about that, but he knew one thing for sure; his son’s life certainly would be miserable after that incident.
  • “The six years between 7th grades to senior year, I had become the only punching bag among my classmates. From time to time, they would vent their anger and beat me up like a punching bag; even the girls would jeer and make fun of me. During that time, there was a catchphrase circulating in the school because of me. ‘Your surname is Fan, but it doesn’t mean that all the Fans are your father. What a thoughtless Hun!’ Since then, ‘Thoughtless Hun’ has become my name. Even until now, many of them only remembered me as Thoughtless Hun; they had completely forgotten that my real name is Fan Hunjun.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen’s face was soaked with tears as he heard that. He kept on trying to apologize, but all he managed to utter was some grunts.
  • “All my classmates constantly treated me like a fool and made fun of me. Sometimes when the teacher questioned the bad deeds in school, they would all point their fingers at me, even though I had nothing to do with it at all. I didn’t dare to defend myself, so I could only take the blame. Or else, they would gang up and beat me up once the teacher left. I didn’t dare to tell grandma the truth when I got home. All I did was make up some lame excuses and claimed that I accidentally fell down when I played at a construction site. Even grandma was perplexed; she wondered why I would always play at the construction site out of the blue.”
  • Lying on the bed, Fan Zhongzhen choked with sobs.
  • Fan Hunjun’s words kept stabbing his heart like a sharp knife.
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