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Chapter 80 Great Changes in the Course of Time

  • Fan Hunjun kept on talking. “I heard from grandma, my mom was the one who betrayed you. Now Zhou Manlan betrayed you again. The same thing keeps happening to your wives over and over again. I think besides holding grudges, you should do some self reflection. Even if the universe was against you, it wouldn't happen for no good reason.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen had lost his speech ability. But then, he would not be able to explain it clearly even if he was able to talk now.
  • Fan Hunjun’s mother, Wu Meizhu, hung herself after the incident back then. Even though he watched the video clip and forwarded the video clip to Wu Meizhu, Fan Zhongzhen sensed something fishy was going on, but he didn’t know it was a trap set by Zhou Manlan and Huang Hongde.
  • However, he witnessed Zhou Manlan having an affair with his own eyes this time. On top of that, Zhou Manlan was the one who kicked him and caused him to have a stroke.
  • All these years, he had loved and trusted both Zhou Manlan and Huang Hongde. He never did anything that wronged them, but in the end they teamed up and sold him out instead.
  • Zhou Manlan’s words made more sense to him now. Perhaps this was his punishment from god; there was nothing Fan Zhongzhen could do now besides feeling sorry and regret for Wu Meizhu and Fan Hunjun.
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