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Chapter 78 Furious To The Point Of Spewing Blood

  • Zhou Manlan grinned as she spoke, “When he bit me with his sharp teeth to get back at me for chasing him out of his home, I told him about my cheating, and even how I kicked you to the ground and caused your stroke. Everything.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen stared at Zhou Manlan with widened eyes, in expectation for her to continue speaking. Fan Zhongzhen wanted to know Fan Hunjun’s reaction to that.
  • Zhou Manlan pulled a funny face at Fan Zhongzhen. “It shows that my choice is right. I know that things will eventually make their way to him. He’ll eventually know what happened, so why not tell him myself? And in the end… heehee, I’m sure you know.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen instantly deflated like a popped balloon at that. He already realized what was going on.
  • However, Zhou Manlan simply continued. “Little Jun put all his rage and hatred into it. As he scolded me, he kept handling me roughly. However, for once, he made me a real woman.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen could no longer take it anymore. With a twist to the side, he hacked up a mouthful of blood, spitting it onto the ground.
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