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Chapter 76 Speaking Nonsense

  • She took a few steps before turning again and discreetly placed her head by the glass of the door to observe the two. When she saw Zhou Manlan feeding Fan Zhongzhen a lychee while smiling, only then did she believe what Zhou Manlan said.
  • “There’s no helping this couple!”
  • The nurse murmured and shook her head, before turning to head back towards the nurses’ station.
  • Fan Zhongzhen couldn’t wait anymore; he was already grunting even before he chewed the lychee thoroughly.
  • Zhou Manlan continued to peel more lychees, smiling like she was in no hurry. “Don’t be so agitated. You better not think badly of young Jun here. While he was extraordinarily taken by my beauty, just like you, his motive for wanting my body isn’t to humiliate you. Rather, he wants to torment me as payback for chasing him out of the house all those years ago.”
  • Fan Zhongzhen finally released a breath when he heard this.
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