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Chapter 72 Do Things Get Better When You’re Free of Debt?

  • Li Shanshan suddenly felt that that the cashier and waiters didn’t know the true story and were simply parroting untruths. And so, she turned to leave after giving them a smile.
  • Li Shanshan pulled out her phone when she reached the entrance. After she confirmed that the money that Fan Hunjun transferred to her was already in her account, she turned back to look at California Cafe’s signboard. She muttered in disgruntlement. “Tsk, does he think he’s hot stuff just because he has money now? Acting like that in front of me while trying to trap me, he sure has no limits to how low he can go!”
  • Li Shanshan was an impatient person. She immediately opened up the banking app on her phone and immediately transferred the money to Fang Youqin once she found her account. Once she did so, she called Fang Youqin.
  • “Hey, Youqin? I just returned those 600,000 to you. Remember to give me the receipt for that loan!”
  • Fang Youqin was apparently taken aback. “Huh? Does your father not need the surgery anymore?”
  • “No, I’ve got money now, so I don’t need yours. While I cannot stand the extra conditions you added, I still want to thank you. To tell you the truth, you’re the only one who would even think of helping me when I’m in dire straits!”
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