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Chapter 65 Business In The Underworld

  • When Liu Zhenqiang heard this, his eyes widened till they were larger than dinner plates. What in the world is going on here?
  • “Hey, Ma Panhan, I’m telling you, that’s enough! I didn’t ask for your husband to call me either. I’m currently lying around hospitalized. I haven’t even settled my own matters. You think I have the time to settle yours?”
  • “Liu Zhenqiang, you don’t have anyone to hide behind, so quit trying to change the subject! You normally swindle others, and you start boasting and hyping yourself the moment you get a couple drops of alcohol in you. And now, you’re telling me that you’re in hospital when we need your help? Why don’t you just die?”
  • Chen Che made a move to grab Ma Panhan’s phone the moment he heard this.
  • “What are you doing?” Ma Panhan spat out in anger. “Am I wrong? You’d invite that guy to lavish restaurants for a good meal every now and then. Didn’t you say that he can protect us if some mobsters come to cause trouble for us?”
  • “Stop, no more talking about this. It won’t be good if he overhears this.”
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