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Chapter 64 Losing Face

  • Fan Hunjun had originally been contemplating as to how he should teach that Chen Che a lesson. However, Hong Bin’s antagonization had unwittingly allowed Fan Hunjun to let off some steam. This was great. Every one of Chen Che’s terrified and pained expressions was excellent medicine for the wounds that Fan Hunjun suffered in his student days.
  • Ma Panhan’s fury was already at the point of no return. Before she could break out yelling, Chen Che hastily stopped her. You wretched woman!
  • Chen Che thought that Ma Panhan was the reason why Hong Bin was torturing him. Still, he didn’t know that even immoral people had standards.
  • Hong Bin had initially come to buy a T-shirt and hoped that Chen Che would give him a discount. However, ever since that phone call with Liu Zhenqiang, Hong Bin thought that Chen Che wasn’t just a simple businessman. He thought that Chen Che also had ties to that part of society.
  • Since they were both part of the underworld, then they should follow the code of the underworld: the winner takes it all, while the loser takes the fall!
  • If you couldn’t defeat someone, you had to pay the price.
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