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Chapter 61 Impressive Guy

  • “Yo, Bro Hong.” One of the thugs kicked the pile of shoeboxes neatly stacked within a cabinet to the ground, before then turning to his leader with a cackle. “You heard that? The boss lady wants to call the cops!”
  • Fan Hunjun’s assumption was right. This ‘Bro’ was Hong Bin. When it came to his reputation in the underworld, he was below Jiang Zehui, but above Leopard. While they all knew each other, they weren’t part of the same circle.
  • With his status in the underworld, he typically wouldn’t have come to look for trouble over a shirt that cost 1,000. However, he had accidentally burned a hole in the shirt with a cigarette when he was having tea at a teahouse.
  • He bought another shirt from a shop nearby when he left the teahouse. Just as he was about to toss the shirt after stuffing it into a bag, he spotted Chen Che’s shop from a distance.
  • Hong Bin recalled that he had bought that shirt at Chen Che’s shop, which was why he came over.
  • In truth, that T-shirt was rather comfortable to wear, and it made him look sharper too.
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