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Chapter 60 Staging This

  • Upon noticing the situation, Chen Che hurriedly pasted a smile on his face and welcomed them. “Hey, honored customers, please feel free to take a look around.”
  • At first, Fan Hunjun thought that the ferocious, fiendish expressions on their faces would have made Chen Che pee his pants.
  • Even so, he didn’t know how long Chen Che had had his store. He probably had seen all sorts of customers. It was no wonder he didn’t think of them as oddities.
  • Ma Panhan too didn’t seem to think much about them as she prepared to send Fan Hunjun off.
  • The thug at the forefront of the entourage tossed the plastic bag in his hand, striking Chen Che straight in the face with it. “Tell me, what should you do?” he coldly asked.
  • Ma Panhan stopped in her tracks and turned her head to look at those few people. It was then that she realized that these people were here to stir up trouble.
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