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Chapter 58 At A Loss

  • Fan Hunjun shook his head. Since Chen Che was outside, he couldn’t say much more. Otherwise, he would get into trouble over nothing. All he could do was change his clothes under such circumstances. The clothes fit him quite well.
  • Ma Panhan carefully scrutinized Fan Hunjun. She thought that he looked far sharper now. He was practically like a completely different person from when he first entered the store.
  • “It’s like the clothes are made just for you. You gonna buy them?”
  • Fan Hunjun nodded. “I’d like to buy two sets, and two pairs of leather shoes too.”
  • “Indeed. Li Shanshan is quite the beauty. If you don’t dress up well, you won’t be able to be in the same league as her.”
  • As she spoke, Ma Panhan turned around to take out 5,000 and a business card from a leather bag on the cashier’s counter to give to Fan Hunjun.
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