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Chapter 55 Complicated Feelings

  • Right now, Wang Xu’s heart was very much conflicted.
  • He did not know that Fan Hunjun was actually supremely wealthy in the first place. He still thought that Fan Hunjun stood a chance at inheriting the Fan Group’s fortune after making up with his father.
  • Of course, as Fan Hunjun’s friend, he hoped that Fan Hunjun would be able to go from rags to riches. However, when he looked at his wife, at how she had changed into a completely different person these two days, at how she only thought of Fan Hunjun and how she ignored his existence, he felt rather dissatisfied.
  • To Wang Xu, these few years, Li Xinqiao was a dutiful and virtuous woman. She was also a person who was easily satisfied. She never envied others’ wealth, nor did she wish for branded luxury goods and the like.
  • However, Fan Hunjun had only bought two sets of branded clothing and placed them on the tea table, which was already enough to make Li Xinqiao’s eyes shine with a rarely seen gleam. She was perpetually excited, as though she had never seen branded goods before.
  • Even so, Wang Xu was aware that this was because Fan Hunjun was the one who bought those two sets of branded clothes. Had it been someone else who gifted them, Li Xinqiao might not have even thought much about it.
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