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Chapter 53 Two Million Settlement Fees

  • After Johnson turned around and left, the waiter shook his head in despair and grumbled, "Damn, I thought our boss was a foreigner, but I didn't expect him to be a fake foreigner. Has he been reading too many useless novels? Why is he trying to act cool?"
  • Another waiter scolded him, "I bet you're the one who reads useless novels. You’re a complete idiot. We already asked you to stop talking about the guests behind their back. Yet, you still continued chattering endlessly like Guo Degang performing his xiangsheng[1]."
  • A girl at the bar said, "Isn't that the trend now? The rich are afraid to show their wealth, while the poor flaunt their wealth! I knew that something was wrong at that time. It was fine if he wore cheap clothes, but his clothes were unfitting too. And that rich woman is tasteful, so how could she be attracted to construction workers?"
  • "F*ck, can you be a little sympathetic? You Monday-morning quarterback." The waiter put the menu to the bar. "Forget it, I’ll go and claim my salary. Damn it, when I become rich in the future, I have to buy this cafe. Let’s see who will have the last laugh!"
  • The others shook their heads, and another waiter smiled. "You should find a way to get a rich woman, and then you’ll struggle for a few decades less."
  • Another girl said, "I’m just afraid that when the rich women pretend to be poor, he’ll think that they are beggars. He’ll miss his sugar momma."
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