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Chapter 43 Astonishing

  • Zhou Manlan pushed open the door and got out of the car, which gave Fan Hunjun a shock.
  • Zhou Manlan was in her forties. Her hair was tied back into a bun and she had heavy makeup, which made her look at least 20 years younger. She was wearing a white cheongsam which showed off the curves of her body. The white high heels on her feet made her look tall.
  • Although Zhou Manlan was not wearing a wedding dress, she looked like a bride who was going to attend a wedding.
  • She walked up to Fan Hunjun like a model, and the rich fragrance of her perfume made Fan Hunjun's whole body shiver.
  • How beautiful!
  • Thinking of his father of old age who was lying on the bed, Fan Xunjun could not help but sigh. No wonder Zhou Manlan cheated; even if she did not go and seduce others, others would come and seduce her!
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