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Chapter 42 Relationship Crisis

  • "Don't reason with me. When I’m free in the afternoon, I will go shopping with Qiao on the streets. After your grandmother is discharged from the hospital, just send her over to our place. Don’t worry about the other things."
  • "Wang Xu, I can’t agree to this. I—“
  • "Why not?"
  • "It’s just..."
  • When Li Xinqiao saw that the two could not stop arguing, she recalled that she had also given Fan Hunjun 50,000. Plus, he had another 500,000, and his grandmother gave him tens of thousands. It would not cost much if he was just simply renovating the house, like buying some furniture and bed.
  • After all, it was for his grandmother. It was normal for Fan Hunjun to want the best for her.
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