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Chapter 41 I'm Not Poor

  • "What?"
  • Wang Xu looked at the room with a stunned face. This was unbelievable!
  • Because of this, Wang Xu realized that the reason Li Xinqiao grabbed Fan Hunjun's wrist just now was only because she wanted to comfort him. The anger and dissatisfaction in his heart instantly disappeared.
  • He felt that Li Xinqiao was just concerned about Fan Hunjun's mental health.
  • Fan Hunjun had hit the mark by fluke by not stopping Li Xinqiao from telling this secret just now. This had temporarily eased the tension between him and Wang Xu.
  • Wang Xu went on to say, "Hunjun, you have to think about this matter clearly. First of all, you must not let your stepmother take care of your dad. Secondly, you should think of how to deal with your stepmother. You have to take it slow. Don't ever act impulsively, just in case you ruin an otherwise good plan. Or else, you will come out empty-handed. The gains are not worth the loss."
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