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Chapter 35 Live-In Son-In-Law

  • Fan Hunjun was originally angry with Li Shanshan. The goddess that he had a crush on for many years had actually cheated on him. Seeing Li Shanshan hugging Zhang Junhao and kissing him, Fan Hunjun felt like the sky had fallen down.
  • He sat with Li Haobo for a while, and listened to him. Now, he finally had time to calm down and think calmly.
  • In fact, Wang Xu had already said before that Li Shanshan had dated Zhang Junhao for many years. So it was just natural that they had slept together countless times, let alone hug and kiss.
  • If one really wanted to claim that such action meant that she was cheating on Fan Hunjun, then she must have cheated countless times.
  • Now, Li Haobo also meant to express this to him. Fan Hunjun should either accept this fact, or not start a relationship with her at all. After all, Li Shanshan had dated Zhang Junhao for several years. They were both hot-blooded young people, and no one would expect them to be pure virgins and abstain from sex.
  • Fan Hunjun thought about it carefully. Actually, Li Shanshan did nothing wrong the entire time.
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