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Chapter 346 Confusion

  • Fan Hunjun was surprised by Mrs. Shangguan’s presence, especially when he met her while tracking down James’ phone. He thus asked in confusion, “Are you alone?”
  • “What else would you expect?” Mrs. Shangguan took a step back to allow him passage, and he walked into the room.
  • It was a normal single room with a washroom by the door. The rest of the room contained a bed which was slightly larger than the normal ones, and the room couldn’t possibly hide anybody else. In other words, Mrs. Shangguan was James, if Chang Kai wasn’t mistaken.
  • However, Fan Hunjun eavesdropped when Shangguan Youran made a call with James, and James sounded like a male. He wondered if Mrs. Shangguan installed an app that altered her voice. Fan Hunjun was utterly confused if Mrs. Shangguan was James indeed. She was in River City undoubtedly to oversee the final phase of the operation, and to kill Fan Hunjun once and for all.
  • However, Shangguan Youran told him that Mrs. Shangguan was fond of him, and played a crucial role in ensuring that the first phase of Project Nursemaid would help lead Fan Hunjun into becoming the man he was now. It meant that Mrs. Shangguan had a good impression of him, and would be representing the faction which wished for Fan Hunjun to live, if the intelligence bureau was indeed divided into two factions.
  • The problem lay in whose part was the woman playing. Was she Mrs. Shangguan, or was she James? Fan Hunjun didn’t want to blow her cover before finding out where she stood, and if she was friend or foe. “Mrs. Shangguan, why are you sightseeing in River City alone?”
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