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Chapter 336 Requesting for Instructions

  • Fan Hunjun smiled bitterly as he said, “According to what you told me, all you are after is my influence and power in S Country, and I will be alright as long as I hand them over, am I correct?”
  • Shangguan Youran cast him a side glance. “But will you do as you are told? Tactical advisors in the West predicted that the accomplishments you achieved at such a young age would definitely give rise to ambitions within you, and you might even want to build an empire for yourself on the African continent.”
  • “By all accounts, do you mean I must die?”
  • “You reap what you sow! The bureau did send somebody to negotiate with you, yet you opted to kill every single one of their messengers. What we couldn’t tolerate was when you killed all of the mercenaries who were loyal to the bureau and helped you win the war against the warlords! Who would give you a chance after what you did?”
  • “Good gracious! You should know me better than anybody else! Am I some bloodthirsty killer?” Fan Hunjun continued to explain, “The messengers you sent were all arrogant and demanding! When coupled by the bureau’s notoriety in S Country, it wasn’t me, but it was the tribal chiefs who gave the order to have them killed! Duan Yuntao and your father also played a part in this!”
  • “Are you serious?”
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