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Chapter 329 His Life Is in Danger

  • Her answers were a clear indication of an acquiescence, or else she would’ve left. How things proceed would be up to Fan Hunjun, so he hugged and kissed her after some hesitation. Shangguan Youran was nervous about it, as she knew it was the calm before the storm. Her body trembled as it stiffened, and her limbs were no longer under her control.
  • Fan Hunjun knew she wouldn’t retaliate if he were to make a move on her right then. However, he would be harming her if he were to do that, unless he planned to work on a compromise with the intelligence bureau.
  • The main issue was that he wasn’t sure what was the bureau’s ultimate goal for enacting Project Nursemaid. It wouldn’t be a problem if they would like to call for a truce between the mercenaries they hired respectively. However, Fan Hunjun would never agree to hand over his own mercenary troops and sell out S Country’s benefits.
  • Besides, while his mercenary troops could easily handle S Country’s warlords and local mercenaries, it would be an overestimation of his skills if he were to even try dealing with the intelligence bureau. It would be selfish of him to drag Shangguan Youran into all of that if he were inevitably going to fight a losing battle.
  • Fan Hunjun’s kiss was less passionate compared to before as he was busy debating himself, while Shangguan Youran was dumbfounded by what was happening. She shouldn’t be blamed, as the bureau chose her to be their agent to specifically deal with Fan Hunjun and his mercenaries.
  • They needed her to blend in with the crowd as much as possible, thus didn’t put her through a comprehensive and strict training required for an agent aside from simple grappling skills, which was why she was inexperienced when it came to sex.
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