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Chapter 319 Plan A, B and C

  • Tour Guide A said, “Our orders are to have Fan Hunjun die of an accident at the perfect time, and a car crash is the only way to avoid assasination. We hold passports from foreign countries and have recently bought a second-hand car, so we would only be considered perpetrators of a car accident instead of murderers even if we didn’t get a scapegoat.”
  • Shangguan Youran rolled her eyes at him. “Do you think the police force in River City are for show? Even if you made it look like an accident and avoided detection from Fan Hunjun’s men, the police in River City could easily uncover your identities. It would create a ruckus if they were to realize it was a group of agents from foreign intelligence bureau who wanted Fan Hunjun dead.”
  • “Miss Shangguan, we just arrived at River City, so isn’t this the best opportunity? The three of them were even on a single motorcycle, and it was one of the easiest ways for a car crash to happen.”
  • “By the way, how did you track him down?”
  • “Using his phone signal, of course. Shouldn’t you know about such simple matters, Miss Shangguan?”
  • “Alright,” Shangguan Youran said. “James and I had a discussion and came up with three methods to get rid of Fan Hunjun. The first would center around a car crash, but you don’t have to prepare your own cars. His stepmother has a car, so all you need to do is crash that car into him.”
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