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Chapter 318 Shifting Undercurrents

  • “Alright, I will hand in my resignation letter to the school tomorrow.” Although Li Shanshan was a little displeased about how Fan Hunjun handled Grand Pearl Hotel, she was satisfied with the overall outcome of their conversation. Li Shanshan could hardly contain her excitement after knowing that she would be the matriarch behind Fan Group, and she began humming a tune while cooking.
  • Her excitement and happiness was infectious, and it made her look young and bright by sweeping her gloominess away. Fan Hunjun liked that side of her, and he felt as if he had gone back to when he still had a crush on her during his middle school years as she hummed a familiar tune.
  • Fan Hunjun’s phone was beeping with the arrival of messages as soon as he left the kitchen. While he thought it might be from Shangguan Youran, he checked his phone to realize it was from Fang Youqin and Ma Panhan. Both of them copied the message from the group and sent it to Fan Hunjun. Although Fang Youqin was trying to make a fool out of Li Shanshan, it pained Fan Hunjun, and diminished the sliver of fondness he had for Li Shanshan.
  • Zhou Manlan was right in proclaiming that reputation was of utmost importance to men. Fan Hunjun didn’t care if Li Shanshan was a virgin as long as she upheld a fairly positive reputation, but now he believed that her being a virgin would do nothing to alter his perception of Li Shanshan. Falsehood would become the truth as long as enough people accepted it, and it could easily ruin someone.
  • He cast a glance at Li Shanshan’s busy figure in the kitchen as he shook his head. She was a proud woman in his eyes, and with her temperament, she would never act so calmly unless she didn’t know about what happened. Not only was she acting as if nothing happened, she was even feeling complacent.
  • Unless Li Shanshan could forget about Zhang Junhao and come with me to live abroad in S Country, otherwise she would never be able to live in this city even if she were a virgin, Fan Hunjun was looking over the cityscape by the door as he thought.
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