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Chapter 316 A Sudden Change in Attitude

  • Oh my, he’s giving me foreign currencies! Which means I will have six or seven million! He does seem generous, Li Shanshan thought, but she wasn’t a maid, and she wasn’t looking to cover for her daily expenses. What she wanted was to become the woman who would have Fan Hunjun’s property under her control.
  • However, she remembered what Zhou Manlan told her and didn’t push for more. She had to make sure that Fan Hunjun could sense that she had a good opinion of him. From how generous he had been, Li Shanshan had a feeling that he would procure a handsome amount every time she asked for money from him.
  • Li Shanshan said as Fan Hunjun was about to leave, “By the way, Grandma and Dad are both living with us, and we will need someone to take care of them. However, I only applied for a week’s leave, and I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow...”
  • “It’s alright. I’ll be hiring a maid.”
  • “Hiring a maid?” Li Shanshan grew up in poverty and never even dreamed of living in a household that could afford to hire a maid. Besides costing money, she felt that it would be inconvenient to have a stranger linger in the house, and neither could she trust said stranger. She thus spoke up, “I would like to have a discussion with you. It would cost a few thousand to hire a maid, and I don’t feel comfortable having a stranger linger around.”
  • Fan Hunjun said nothing as he stared at her in confusion. Li Shanshan smiled before saying, “If you won’t look down on me for lazing around at home instead of working a job, I would like to quit my job to take care of Grandma and Dad. What do you say?”
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