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Chapter 315 Create the Chance

  • Grandma Wu was caught off guard by the alarm, whereas Fan Zhongzhen looked startled, as neither could comprehend why there would be an alarm in the mansion. However, Fan Hunjun knew that Europeans placed emphasis on household safety, and it was customary for them to install fire alarms in their houses. He made a dash toward downstairs, only to realize that nothing seemed to be out of place when he got to the kitchen.
  • Li Shanshan turned to face Fan Hunjun while sticking her tongue out after hearing his footsteps. “Oh my, I didn’t know the alarm is so sensitive. The oil was overheated and it splattered out of the pan when I was frying the fish, which triggered the alarm.” Li Shanshan did it on purpose, as she knew how the alarm worked despite having never actually used it before.
  • Although it was her first time ever entering such a luxurious mansion, she had seen it in TV dramas in which Asians tended to sound the alarm accidentally when they lived abroad. The alarms abroad were directly connected to the fire department, who would drop by whenever the alarm was sounded.
  • Li Shanshan knew that couldn’t possibly happen in River City, and the previous owner had only set up the alarm as a reminder for himself. She needed a chance to speak to Fan Hunjun alone, thus came up with the idea. She overheated the oil in the pan before putting the fish in, and as she thought, the alarm sounded as the fire grew.
  • Fan Hunjun saw the apron she was wearing as well as the ingredients that were well prepared, which gave him the impression that she was good at cooking. He then asked in confusion, “Why are you preparing so many dishes?”
  • “I bought them with Mom and Miss Shangguan yesterday during our grocery trip. We stocked up quite a lot, but we still have to buy more tomorrow.”
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