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Chapter 31 Anxious Heart

  • Fan Hunjun came to his grandmother's ward. Before he could talk to his grandmother, the nurse came in again and said that Fan Zhongzhen wanted to see him.
  • Fan Hunjun was a little annoyed, but his grandmother persuaded him to hurry and go see his father. If it was not for his grandmother's sake, Fan Hunjun would not be bothered to talk to him.
  • When Fan Hunjun came to Fan Zhongzhen's ward, Fan Zhongzhen was holding a writing board to hand it to him; a few crooked alphabets were written on it. Fan Hunjun looked at it for a long time before figuring out the word: password.
  • Fan Hunjun asked angrily, “Are you trying to tell me that you will tell me the password to your fund's card?"
  • Fan Zhongzhen nodded immediately. He was worried that once he died, all of his family's wealth—which he had struggled to accumulate in this lifetime—would be snatched away by Zhou Manlan, so he hoped to tell Fan Hunjun the password.
  • Fan Hunjun shook his head and said, "You earned all the money by yourself. Plus, Zhou Manlan has been married to you for so many years, so your wealth should be inherited by her. I don't need it."
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