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Chapter 307 The Story Now

  • Li Shanshan was raging from what Fang Youqin said, so much so that she wanted to just shout at her face, but it seemed petty of her to do that.
  • By her estimation, Fan Hunjun now had a few hundred million and had moved into the Min Hill Mansion. That coupled with assets of the Fan Group meant that their wealth couldn’t possibly be less than that of the Fang Family; he was well off, as they would put it.
  • Wasn’t her wealth the reason why she could trample all over Li Shanshan? But now…
  • Li Shanshan had been thinking, Other than this master bedroom and the one million I received from Zhou Manlan as a welcoming gift, are there any other funds that I have control over? She could rest easy if she knew she had funds as backup, but without sufficient funds or assets in hand, what would Li Shanshan fight Fang Youqin with?
  • Watching the commotion in the group from the sidelines, Li Shanshan truly wished that someone would come out and stand up for her, especially Zhang Junhao.
  • If he had come out and spoken up for her, she probably would’ve thrown herself at him in the heat of the moment.
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