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Chapter 302 Breaking Records

  • No matter what Fan Hunjun said, the couple knew what he was up to.
  • Fan Hunjun did all this to thank them for their care toward his grandmother all these years.
  • But at the thought of it, they felt that they did care more about his grandmother than the average person. Yet, if they were to accept such a huge gift from Fan Hunjun just because they spent a little bit more time with her, they would feel bad.
  • “Hunjun.” Li Xinqiao started speaking earnestly, “How about this? Wang Xu is a man. We’ll accept the car that you are giving him, but let’s forget about the one you’re getting for me. Speaking bluntly, you can afford to give us cars, but we can’t afford to use it. With the insurance, maintenance, and also petrol, we…”
  • “I’m not even done yet. You’re both the bosses of the Grand Pearl Hotel and are shareholders cum upper management, so the expenses for the car can be claimed entirely from the hotel’s expenses. Hurry up and set up an account so that I can transfer all the money for the renovation and workers salary into the corporate card. So, in the future, if you want to spend money for anything, you would just need both your signatures.”
  • Wang Xu and Li Xinqiao looked at each other. This wasn’t anything like running a hotel together; it was more like being given gifts.
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