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Chapter 300 Low Key Sponsor

  • Li Xinqiao hopped off the car and nudged Fan Hunjun with her arm before whispering, “That’s enough. No need to go so far to flirt with her. It’s not funny anymore.”
  • Fan Hunjun said nothing and pulled out a wallet from Wang Xu’s pocket. He realized Li Xinqiao’s ID was in there as well, so he pulled it out.
  • He handed three IDs to Wang Qiaoyun. “I’ll take three.”
  • “Huh?”
  • The salespeople sitting in a row all stood up in unison and stared as their jaws dropped to the ground.
  • Wang Qiaoyun herself couldn’t believe what had transpired before her eyes as she thought she had heard wrong, but Fan Hunjun had already handed her the three IDs. Her heart almost beat out of her chest at this moment.
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