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Chapter 30 Regrets

  • Fan Zhongzhen just wanted to tell his son that he did not want Zhou Manlan to come to the hospital to take care of him. The reason why he suffered a sudden stroke was because he saw Zhou Manlan having an affair.
  • Fan Zhongzhen was on a business trip overseas some time ago. He was originally planning to come back next week, but he rushed home the night before yesterday without telling anyone because his tasks were finished in advance. However when he reached home two days ago, he found his general manager, Huang Hongde, in bed with his wife Zhou Manlan.
  • Huang Hongde had been working for him for the past twelve years. He first entered the Fan Group as a professional manager, and the position he applied for was Deputy General Manager. Meanwhile, Fan Zhongzhen was the chairman and general manager, and Zhou Manlan was the financial director.
  • After several years of work and observation, Fan Zhongzheng felt that Huang Hongde had a good character and was very capable, so he gave up his position as general manager for him. Last year, he even let Huang Hongde's son, Huang Wenxuan, become the director of the administrative office.
  • In Fan Zhongzhen's view, he was the person who helped out Huang Hongde. However, much to his dismay, Huang Hongde actually slept with his wife in his bed when he went on a business trip.
  • He was at the entrance of the master bedroom when he heard the sound—the sound of the head of the bed knocking on the wall, and how Zhou Manlan was telling Huang Hongde shamelessly, "You are much better than that old man!"
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