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Chapter 299 Then I’ll Take Three

  • Li Xinqiao held her phone in her hand as she took a few pictures for Wang Xu. She even had him make a few more poses but ended up getting into the car and taking some pictures herself.
  • After Wang Xu got down and took off the shoe covers for Li Xinqiao, the impression was totally different from him once she got in the car.
  • If one were to say Wang Xu looked generous sitting in it, Li Xinqiao would be considered to look elegant.
  • “That’s too beautiful!” Wang Qiaoyun complimented her sincerely, “It would be perfect if you could put on a white dress for this!”
  • What she said wasn’t wrong, for even Fan Hunjun thought so. Li Xinqiao would catch everyone’s attention if she were to drive around in this car in a white dress.
  • “Is this woman silly? They are obviously here just for the pictures. Why is she wasting her time?”
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