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Chapter 297 Near-Death Experience

  • The attending doctor explained in detail to Fan Hunjun regarding Fan Zhongzhen’s condition. His condition was currently under control, but the stroke caused hemiparesis, and it required a long time for recovery that depended mainly on physiotherapy because the medicine no longer had that great an effect.
  • That was to say that Fan Zhongzhen could be discharged at any time and just needed a nice environment to stay in.
  • The attending doctor also found out through social media that Fan Hunjun was the current owner of the Min Hill Mansion, so he offered a reminder that the surrounding of the mansion was beneficial to the recovery of Fan Zhongzhen.
  • Fan Hunjun thought as much and immediately called Wang Xu and had him come over to the hospital.
  • Wang Xu heard and thought something had happened to Fan Zhongzhen again. Coincidentally, he was with Li Xinqiao at the time, so he immediately rushed to the hospital on his motorcycle with her.
  • Fan Hunjun initially thought of buying a car together with Wang Xu as a gift for him and to also fetch his father home with it, but when he saw Wang Xu arriving at the hospital on a motorcycle with Li Xinqiao, he had no choice but to have Li Xinqiao accompany his father in the ward while he and Wang Xu headed out to buy a car.
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