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Chapter 291 Dirty Laundry

  • Zhou Manlan also called Huang Wenxuan and told him that she was getting a divorce with Fan Zhongzhen right now and they would be able to reunite soon.
  • Huang Wenxuan scolded her, “What does your divorce have anything to do with me?”
  • “Why would you say that? Didn’t I do what you said? Don’t you know how hurtful what you said yesterday was to me?”
  • Huang Wenxuan snorted. “What did I say to hurt you so badly? What about father? Do you know how much you have hurt him by sleeping with the old man everyday while he was at home? Also, did I just hit you where it hurt? After you were done with the old man, you actually tried to move on to the younger man, but he just turned you down, didn’t he? Then, when you can’t stay any longer, you thought of the divorce and called it all done because of me. Guess what, I am not taking the blame for this!”
  • Chen Feifei was right beside him when they were on the phone. She kept her ears open just in case she would hear Zhou Manlan mentioning her name and also to collect information to be divulged to Fan Hunjun later on when they met again.
  • “Is there any kindness left in you, child? If I was just thinking about myself, would I have let the situation come to this? I have dedicated my whole life for the betterment of you and your father, yet you would spew out such ungrateful words?”
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