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Chapter 290 Bittersweet

  • Although Zhou Manlan hated Fan Zhongzhen to the core, she still felt that she owed Fan Hunjun. Also, Fan Hunjun’s kind gesture and generous attitude actually moved her.
  • He would definitely not let her leave without getting a cent. After all, she had been in the Fan Group for so long to provide a better life for her man and her son. If she were to leave without receiving anything, then wouldn’t that mean she had been sleeping with Fan Zhongzhen for nothing throughout these eight years of marriage?
  • Fan Hunjun called a cab and rushed to the hospital. Sure enough, their talks regarding the divorce had fallen through.
  • Zhou Manlan had drafted a divorce proposal, but from Fan Zhongzhen’s perspective, he was okay with pretty much the whole agreement except the part pertaining to the asset distribution. She had audited all the assets under Fan Group to be a total of roughly 700 million, and this didn’t include the personal assets that Fan Zhongzhen held.
  • Zhou Manlan was also decent in that she only asked for 300 million out of the 700 million in assets because from her perspective, although there was value in fixed assets, there wasn’t a market for it at the moment. Some of the book value and actual market value had a very large difference.
  • That was why she would take a 50 million discount and at the same time, she emphasized that she only wanted 290 million in the end because of the 10 million that she embezzled previously. This was the biggest compromise she would make, but to Fan Zhongzhen, there was still the matter of Zhou Manlan’s betrayal. What did she do to deserve so much money?
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