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Chapter 286 Burdensome Best Friend

  • “Ungrateful, aren’t you?” Chen Feifei glared back at her. “Are we still best friends or not? I have thought about you at every turn. Putting it bluntly, other than lying and cheating for a living with the few men he had under him, what could Liu Zhenqiang do other than using that slick mouth of his? Don’t you have to support your son on your own?”
  • Yang Ting kept silent.
  • “We’ve all heard it’s better to get married to a capable man than to work hard. Don’t all women hope for an accomplished man as a husband? Don't we all rather get to show off than getting talked behind our backs? We aren’t ugly women, but from the current looks of it, you’re married to a small fry while I’m married to a manager’s son. In terms of wealth, he’s not that poor, but if we look further, there are greater men than we could imagine. I can only say that our impoverished lives had limited our imagination!”
  • Chen Feifei wouldn’t stop there. “You know about Li Shanshan, don’t you? She was also Liu Zhenqiang’s classmate, but look at her now. She got married to Fan Hunjun and immediately moved into a mansion on Min Hill. What has she accomplished other than lay in bed with her legs wide open? These are things that we can do as well, but why are our lives so difficult? We were both being tortured by men, yet what do we have for ourselves?”
  • Yang Ting glared at her. “So what you’re saying is we should just go for her man?”
  • Just as Chen Feifei was about to reply to her, her phone rang, so she pulled it out to find that Fan Hunjun had called.
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