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Chapter 284 The Greater Secret

  • At the time, Yang Ting only thought of Liu Zhenqiang as a hero. Liu Zhenqiang also felt that Yang Ting was unlike the other hostesses there, since she seemed to be unaffected by her surroundings; she had insisted on maintaining her purity.
  • From then on, the two of them were into each other. Not long after that, they marched into the wedding chapel hand in hand.
  • Chen Feifei was somewhat different, for she was more outspoken.
  • Although she was the same age as Yang Ting, she had a more petite figure that shaved a few years off her age in looks compared to Yang Ting, and her bubbly and positive personality made her appear to be even more of an outspoken lady.
  • When Yang Ting and Liu Zhenqiang got together, Chen Feifei used to hang out with them a lot; that was how she got to know Leopard, who at that time was pretty into Ma Panhan, so he never really batted an eye for Chen Feifei.
  • After that, Chen Feifei got to know Jiang Zehui through Leopard. When she heard that Jiang Zehui was one of the leaders, Chen Feifei, a woman who was used to other people’s displeasure, held on to this chance and threw herself at him.
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