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Chapter 271 One and Only

  • Shangguan Youran knew that it was an honor for a young, inexperienced agent like her to be involved in Project Nursemaid that was masterminded by the NSA. It was a chance of a lifetime, but she was also thinking that this project was against Fan Hunjun, so if he died, what would she get? Can the nation give me something better than the gold mine he has?
  • If it was glory she wanted, then what could be better than being his wife? He was a legend in S Country after all. If everything was put aside and all she wanted was to live in a happy, content nation, the only way of doing that was by becoming Fan Hunjun’s wife. She had never thought of this issue before, until Fan Hunjun knocked the idea into her earlier.
  • They said a woman should marry well if she wanted to live well. So what kind of man do I want to marry? Kind, responsible, rich, and reputable; that’s a successful man, and he’s right in front of me. Pity he’s married though. However, she knew his marriage with Li Shanshan was an empty shell, and she didn’t want to give up. She could look past the way he ignored her in the past, but he was so close to having her just now. The only thing that still befuddled her was why he suddenly stopped himself.
  • “If we had done that and I couldn't marry you, wouldn’t you hate me?” His question rang in her mind. So he stopped himself in time because he didn’t want to hurt me. A man like him is a rare breed! “James.” She bit her lip and resolved. “I want to try it out and see if I can win him over. That way, we’ll have accomplished Project Nursemaid and drop the risk to zero. I know they’ll agree to this.”
  • “You have to know that the chances of Project Nursemaid being a success lies in its element of surprise. You’ll have to tell him who you are if you try to win him over. If he knows that you’re our agent and refuses to work with us, he’ll have his guard up, making it difficult for our final pan to go through. If that happens, you’ll become a whistleblower.”
  • “But he already knows I’m no ordinary girl.”
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