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Chapter 266 Go On With It

  • Now that she was here, he couldn’t ask her to go back immediately. However, he did get something, for he noticed there was panic in her expression, which was rare.
  • Under normal circumstances, Shangguan Youran should be excited she got called into his room. She should even be hugging him by now, but she was different here.
  • Shangguan Youran was a carefree, happy-go-lucky person in Fan Hunjun’s eyes, but now, she seemed to have her guard up against him. Suddenly, he realized Chang Kai must have told her something, but that raised more questions. If Chang Kai had told him about Shangguan Youran’s secret, why did he warn Shangguan Youran?
  • If it was just because he had a crush on her and was worried he might attack her, then Fan Hunjun could understand it. However, he was worried Chang Kai had another identity. He could be in the same organization as Shangguan Youran, but since Fan Hunjun said his life, he answered Fan Hunjun’s questions, albeit with very limited answers. This is going to be trouble if it’s true. He would be facing dangers with every step he took, and this was testament to the power of Shangguan Youran’s organization.
  • After he closed the door, he patted her shoulder. “You seem surprised to receive my text asking you to come to my room.” He smiled.
  • Shangguan Youran pouted and acted cute. “Yeah. I know you have a goddess, but I didn’t expect you to marry her right after you come back. I don’t even know what I should do, since everything is fruitless.”
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