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Chapter 263 Hesitate

  • Zhou Manlan listened to the sounds through her door, and someone opened Fan Hunjun’s door, then one of the girls went inside, and the door was closed. She mumbled quietly to herself for a while.
  • Li Shanshan didn’t have this understanding with him, and given their relationship, even if she knocked the door, they would talk for a bit before she went in. Only Shangguan Youran can go inside and close the door so quietly.
  • Zhou Manlan frowned, for she didn’t understand what was going on between them. Are they loving? If that is the case, then why did Fan Hunjun get married to Li Shanshan so quickly after he came back? Are they not loving? Then why did she tell everyone she likes him? Also, he let her in without even asking, so what is he trying to pull?
  • Does he really like Li Shanshan and is just asking Shangguan Youran to play an act? But it’s almost eleven now, so if it’s just an act, what is she doing in his room this late in the night?
  • He didn’t expect Huang Wenxuan to call at this moment, and he wouldn’t have asked Shangguan Youran to come if he did. Unbeknownst to him, this not only was unnecessary, it threw a wrench in his plan.
  • Because of Shangguan Youran’s appearance, Zhou Manlan suddenly realized something in the midst of her confusion. Fan Hunjun was a different man now, and when she saw him, he quickly bested two lackeys and looked murderous. Zhou Manlan thought he wanted to kill her, but she quickly resolved it in California Cafe the next time they met.
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