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Chapter 252 Your Call

  • Li Xinqiao smiled quietly. “Even so, it’s a big responsibility, so why not this? You’ll be the boss, and Li Shanshan will helm the finances, while Wang Xu will work on the kitchen, and I’ll work on the reception. That’s—”
  • “This has nothing to do with Li Shanshan. Just think of it as me trying to have some personal savings, and it’ll be easier to do anything if something happens.”
  • “But—”
  • “No buts. I can’t take my promise back now, so close up the shop from tomorrow onward and hire people online. Ask Chang Kai if you come across any trouble, and I want the grand opening to happen before the National Day celebration. I want to have my wedding with Li Shanshan here on New Year’s Day.”
  • “Oh, alright then. I’ll persuade him tonight.” Li Xinqiao smiled. “Li Shanshan is lucky to marry someone like you. I know she’s set for life now.”
  • Fan Hunjun was troubled. If he had known Li Xinqiao was this nice to his grandmother, he would have married her if she was still single. However, he couldn’t change the reality of what had happened; even though he couldn’t give her a happy marriage, he could make her life better. “Don’t worry, Xinqiao. One day, the whole of River City’s women will envy your happiness, not just our classmates.”
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