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Chapter 244 Treat

  • Fan Hunjun replied, “We’ll be lucky if it’s the former. We can just leave S Country permanently and leave Yuntao there as the boss. She’ll have reached her goal and marry a boss, no?”
  • “Yes, and that’s impractical, so like you, I’m inclined to believe someone is behind this. The question is, who? Can it be Pierce?”
  • Fan Hunjun shook his head. “Pierce might be infamous and crowned as King of the West, but he’s a straightforward man like Yuntao. Killing is all he knows, so if he wants our wealth or power in S Country, he would have confronted us early on.”
  • Duan Yunbo nodded.
  • Fan Hunjun continued, “Pierce isn’t someone who would throw his ball at a curve in the form of Shangguan Youran, nor would he have her be a spy for five years and use all these tricks.”
  • “Oh yeah. We’ve been fighting in S Country for years, and many of the mercenaries are Pierce’s subordinates. With how he is, he wouldn’t have announced his attack so recently and let us get away for so many years.”
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