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Chapter 24 An Astounding Kneel

  • Wang Xu knew it was time to stop when the going was still good. Furthermore, he knew Fan Hunjun well. Even though he saw Jiang Zehui and Fan Hunjun come together, that were a little bit out of Wang Xu’s expectation. However, he was sure that Fan Hunjun wouldn’t be well-acquainted with Jiang Zehui.
  • Or else, nobody would have dared to bully Fan Huijun back then.
  • The problem was Li Xinqiao didn’t know the inside story. As Fan Hunjun already did her justice, she hoped Fan Hunjun could do Wang Xu’s justice too.
  • After all, Wang Xu wasn’t exactly happy to be there. If Li Xinqiao didn’t throw her tantrum just now, Wang Xu could have avoided this unfortunate event.
  • It was awkward now. Almost everyone was watching Fan Hunjun, not knowing what his next move was.
  • Those gangsters subconsciously backed off a little and immediately averted their gazes to Leopard. They were all Leopard’s underlings, so if Leopard didn’t give the order, they wouldn’t dare to make any move.
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