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Chapter 235 Newbie

  • Fan Hunjun was different. Even though Li Shanshan broke his heart, and Fang Youqin stupefied him with her attitude, his soul still burned brightly.
  • Seven years of living overseas was why he was shocked by how much his countrymen had changed, especially the girls he used to know. After they grew up, all the reservations they had were gone. No matter whether it was Fang Youqin, Ma Panhan, or Wu Pinghui, they shed a new light on how open everyone had become. Compared to them, he noticed that the Westernized Shangguan Youran was still innocent.
  • When he saw her for the first time in S Country, she was still a highschooler who was enjoying her summer break. They met in the brick factory, and because of that, she went to S Country to live with her father after graduating from university.
  • He didn’t understand why she came. Mr. Shangguan was a professor who stayed in S Country and worked on designs because he was caught by mercenaries, so her going back would just be burdensome for her father. However, she said she couldn’t forget this place because he was here.
  • After he wrangled the brick factory’s territory and was about to let them go back to the Western world, they insisted on staying, saying that they might have been forced to work by the mercenaries, but now they were willing to work for him. They were of the same roots after all, so they were willing to stay if they could help.
  • That time, he felt awkward, for he knew she liked her, but Duan Yuntao had confessed to her publicly. He still thought of Fang Youqin and Li Shanshan as goddesses back then, so he distanced himself from her.
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