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Chapter 234 Lament

  • New Life Supermarket Chain was famous in this region, so his disappearance became the talk of the industry, and Wu Pinghui’s reputation took another dip. There were a lot of rich kids who wanted to date her, but all of them were either eyeing for her riches or her body, and none of them treated her seriously. Because of that, her father decided to open up a store somewhere else and asked her to expand the chain in River City.
  • Thanks to that, she was reunited with Zhang Junhao. He liked Li Shanshan back then, but he despised her poor background. Li Haobo was in jail back then, while Jia Xiaoyan had eloped with Xia Wensheng, and the debtors would keep harassing her both in school and at home.
  • That made his parents stop him from dating her, and he didn’t want her to drag him down. At the same time, Fang Youqin got him a job and led him on, so he hooked up with her while dating Li Shanshan.
  • Halfway through dating Fang Youqin, he noticed she held him in contempt and saw him as a plaything. She would yell at him and even flirt with the younger boys, and he regretted dating her. He thought Li Shanshan was a better person, but her background was atrocious, while Fang Youqin came from a great family, but her character was a disaster. It was at this moment, Wu Pinghui appeared again, and Zhang Junhao decided to shamelessly pursue her again.
  • With how bad her reputation was, Wu Pinghui went on with dating him when he approached her. He wasn’t getting any younger, and she was two years older than he was. After his parents found out she was the boss of a supermarket chain, they kept putting in a good word for their son. She thought he wasn’t a bad guy, and his parents liked her.
  • Coincidentally, all the men who appeared in her life were handsome, almost like boy toys. A manly guy like Fan Hunjun who had gone through wars and the hard ways in life was the first of his kind to barge into her life.
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