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Chapter 232 Past

  • “Oh my god.” That startled Wu Pinghui. “You’ve never kissed?”
  • “O-Of course, I haven’t, a-and you surprised me!”
  • “You’re almost getting married to her, but you haven’t kissed?”
  • “I used to dream of kissing her, but when I remember what she did with him that night, I’m worried I might puke.”
  • She shook her head. “You’re not thoughtless; you’re just stupid. We’re in the 21st century, and every girl has kissed at one point in their life. Ever heard about this joke? A priest in a church asked all the virgin girls to raise their hands, but none did. Not even junior highschoolers. Only a young pregnant mother stood up, and she said, ‘My baby’s still a virgin.’”
  • He smiled awkwardly. “I think that applies to a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t have minded about it if I hadn’t seen it, but I did, so…”
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