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Chapter 228 Unhappy

  • “Collaboration?” Wu Pinghui squinted and asked alarmingly, “You’re trying to go for a merger, aren’t you? You’re powerful enough to do anything without asking for a collaboration here.”
  • “That is very much a lie.”
  • “Zhang Junhao told me that though. Your father is the chairman of Fan Group, and in the auction today, that handsome young guy gave you this mansion and that card which total up to five hundred million. I don’t think that’s all you have, and adding that to Fan Group’s assets, you’re one of the city’s richest men if not the richest.”
  • “What did he tell you aside from this and my nickname?”
  • “Nothing else.” Wu Pinghui arched her eyebrow. “Do you want to tell me more about yourself?”
  • “Nah. What about I tell you something that’s related to the both of us?”
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