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Chapter 223 Decide for Me

  • Fan Hunjun saw Shangguan Youran in a different light now, for her attitude and what she said was far beyond her age. He noticed something was off, but he didn’t want to think that way. He hoped it was just a simple case of jealousy instead of a conspiracy. When he heard Zhou Manlan coming down, he quickly entered the room, for he didn’t want Zhou Manlan to see him eavesdropping.
  • Shangguan Youran quickly ran up to him after he entered. She held his arm and stomped her bare foot. “She hit me, Hunjun! Look, it’s all red now, and it still hurts!”
  • Damn, I shouldn’t have slapped her. Li Shanshan was hurt too, but Shangguan Youran snitched on her first, and her face was pitiably hurt. Nobody could see Li Shanshan’s injury, and she threw the first punch, so she could say nothing in her defense. More importantly, she could never act cute like Shangguan Youran could.
  • Any woman would lose out in charm if they couldn’t act cute, and Li Shanshan always had a long face whenever she was facing Fan Hunjun. No wonder Shangguan Youran called her a jinx.
  • Li Shanshan was like a third wheel as they acted so lovingly, but her pride didn’t allow her to say anything, nor could she prove that Shangguan Youran was the villain here. She looked at Fan Hunjun quietly, wanting to see how he would settle this, and that was crucial for her.
  • They heard Zhou Manlan coming before Fan Hunjun could say anything, and the trio looked at her. Zhou Manlan overheard Shangguan Youran complaining when she came, and she noticed a slap mark on her face.
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