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Chapter 222 Suspicion

  • Shangguan Youran continued, “With Fan Hunjun’s current capabilities, he can marry the most beautiful woman if he wants now, and they’ll be lining up if they know who he is. Even so, he put up with you and even helped you when you needed it the most. You should know why, don’t you?”
  • Li Shanshan couldn’t answer that.
  • “He’s not being stupid, that I can tell you. Nobody can play him now, so if you think you’re playing him, you’re already in his trap. You just don’t know it.”
  • Is he really that terrifying? Li Shanshan didn’t believe it. “Enough, young lady.” Li Shanshan struggled to get up. She didn’t call her a little b*tch anymore, or Shangguan Youran would shut her up again. “You just want me to stay away from him, don’t you?”
  • Shangguan Youran shook her head. “Stay away from him? Yeah, right. He won’t stop until you’re dead.”
  • That didn’t convince her. Fan Hunjun gave me six hundred grand, and Zhou Manlan gave me a million. Now he’s letting me stay in Min Hill Mansion. She calls this a revenge? Get real. Li Shanshan sneered. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, young lady. You’re no friend of mine, so I guess you’re my romantic rival. No woman would care for their rivals.”
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